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Ashley Wagner Wins 3rd Us Title With Record-setting Scores - Cbs46 News

The http://shainaela.sosblogs.com challenge seemed to invigorate, not intimidate, the 23-year-old. A skater whose elements often have http://kempwebpage.beeplog.com been downgraded by judges kim kardashian and reggie - she became an Internet sensation in Sochi for the sour look on her face at seeing surprisingly low scores - Wagner was precise on all her jumps Saturday. In the first year skaters are allowed to perform to more? info? music with lyrics, Wagner matched the ardor of the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack, her expressions as bright as her red dress. Gold came into the day 5.02 points back and had to take the ice with the crowd still roaring over Wagner's performance. It reminded her of the Olympics, when she followed Russian gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova. And just as she did that night in Sochi, Gold fell on her triple flip. But Wagner's performance left even Gold feeling confident at the way the two have pushed each other.
Source: http://www.cbs46.com/story/27931785/madison-chock-evan-bates-win-first-us-title-in-ice-dance

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