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Hollywood Is Right To Turn Down 'hellboy 3' - Forbes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic But to the vast majority of general audiences,Hellboyis that sci-fi action film they caught bits-and-pieces of over the years on cable and/or sampled on Netflix Netflix or that film series they saw in theaters and then never gave a second thought to. Even as good as they are (especially the second); HellboyandHellboy IIhave been lost in the shuffle when discussing the great comic book superhero movies of the last decade. AHellboy 3would basically force whichever studio that distributed the picture to reintroduce the character to general audiences for a third consecutive time. There is no simmering popularity waiting to be tapped, no feverish cult following to be cashed-in. CouldHellboy 3Dbe made for $100 million and earn $250m worldwide to basically break kim kardashian videos even? I suppose so, but its not remotely a guarantee and breaking even isnt the http://pearlypozn.soup.io intended end game. The fact that two or three different studios would be handling the three films hurts (if not outright kills) the potential for a fan-friendly complete series DVD/Blu-Ray box set.Hellboy 3 is the kind of project that would basically have to shatter reasonable box office precedents for the franchise in order to be profitable. From a purely artistic point-of-view, I would prefer the not-terribly prolific Guillermo del Toro spend his time on a somewhat original project.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/scottmendelson/2014/07/15/hollywood-is-right-to-say-no-to-hellboy-3/

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